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DOSDIASLAB is a crazy idea, an attempt for expression, an artistic experiment.

April 2022. A Valencian musician, overwhelmed by technique and self-criticism that lead him to tirelessly reformulate his compositions, travels to his hometown from Barcelona to create something new with no more limitation than having TWO DAYS. Once the pieces are finished, he decides to send them to a Galician actress and writer so that, with the same time limit, she writes whatever she likes.

They don’t want the project to die here, but to see grow and become a heartbeat, an impulse, a leafy tree. With the aim of generating a chain, the musician and the writer offer you these trampoline tools so that, in TWO DAYS, hopefully they will serve you to compose something that will be part of an endless whole. You can send any type of artistic expression (video, photo, collage, dance…), in any language,  inspired by the pieces of this seed or the new branches that come out of it.

Thanks you for collaborating!!!

Néstor Calderer & Déborah Vukušić

@nestorcalderer & @lavukusic

  • The DOSDIASLAB team will not correct what they receive so please check the spelling because your mistakes can make the Galician and other sensitive beings’ eyes bleed.

  • Participation in DOSDÍASLAB implies acceptance of the following terms: the artists are responsible for the authorship and rights of their work and allow the piece to be transformed by others.

  • In case that the published works or part of them are exploited for commercial purposes and contain direct parts of another piece (remix, collage, etc.), DOSDÍASLAB must be notified to be able contact the affected artist(s).