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Revoice International Vocal Ensemble

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REVOICE! is an international choir of 32 singers from 23 different countries. Driven by the power of friendship and a shared passion for choral music, the choir was established in 2014 after a memorable EuroChoir session in Pécs (HU). ​ A group of talented young conductors took the lead holding intensive rehearsals with a wide range of international repertoire to perform in concerts held 3-4 times a year, each in a different country. ​ Revoice! aims for a high artistic level and believes that music can build bridges and cross borders to unite people

Member of Revoice that were part of this creation:

Tomáš Votava (Czech Republic)
Benjamin Wilfing (Germany)
Petr Jedelský (Czech Republic)
Eva Svarcova (Czech Republic)
Astrid Reinke (Germany)
Hana Chudáčková (Czech Republic)
Nataliia Kuschnirenko (Ucraine/Germany)
Roger Vicens Pardal (Catalonia)
Tutku Demirö (Turkey)
Jakob Lausch (Austria)
Brian Sutton (South Africa/ Czech Republic)
Daniel Buchmayer (Austria)
Daniel Hollenweger (Switzerland)
Jascha Lenz (Germany)
Lior Aharoni (Israel)- video
Andrew Baldwin (New Zealand/Germany)- composer
Lucia Bérešová (Slovakia/Catalonia)- conductor


Proyectos lab: